The Supeme Court is Now a Joke

On June 21, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that any support for a designated terrorist organization, no matter how meager, was  illegal. I noted that here.

The First Amendment does not protect humanitarian groups or others who advise foreign terrorist organizations, even if the support is aimed at legal activities or peaceful settlement of disputes, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.

A year and a half later we get word the Supreme Court of The United States’ opinions are just that: opinions.


In July, the Obama State Department approved an extraordinary license for a newly formed U.S.-based organization, the Syrian Support Group, to raise money for Syrian rebels – overriding the administration’s own sanctions and Obama’s Executive Order against such activity.

To some counterterrorism and terror finance authorities in Washington D.C., this extremely rare privilege raises considerable concerns.

This is especially true because two related figures with the organization, Louay Safi and Mazen Asbahi, have previously been tied to terror fundraising efforts by Islamic organizations identified by the U.S. government in federal court as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood. [Read: CAIR- the unidicted co-conspirators.]

One U.S. Treasury official specializing in terror finance said:

This license sets a dangerous precedent because it gives complete and perfect cover to virtually all of their activities. They can honestly say, “I can’t be fundraising for terror because I have a license from the State Department.” But we have absolutely no idea where that money is going once it leaves the United States. And as the Supreme Court recognized in a court case a few years ago, money raised for terrorist groups is fungible.

In reality it took the Obama Administration a year to end-run the Supreme Court. It’s a precedent for lawlessness that is, well, unprecedented.

Which brings us back to Joe Iosbaker.


Unidicted co-Commie



After the raid that killed FARC commander Mono Jojoy, the Sept. 24, 2010 search warrants, followed on Iosbaker’s Communist group:

Search warrants, subpoenas and documents show that the FBI has been interested in links between the activists and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Hezbollah.

This was after the Supreme Court ruling that any support for terrorists constituted aiding and abetting as it frees up resources for the terrorists. Their attorney so stipulated:


In late September the FBI carried out a series of raids of homes and anti-war offices of public activists in Minneapolis and Chicago. Following the raids the Obama Justice Department subpoenaed 14 activists to a grand jury in Chicago and also subpoenaed the files of several anti-war and community organizations. In carrying out these repressive actions, the Justice department was taking its lead from the Supreme Court’s 6-3 opinion last June in Holder v. the Humanitarian Law Project which decided that non-violent First Amendment speech and advocacy “coordinated with” or “under the direction of” a foreign group listed by the Secretary of State as “terrorist” was a crime.

The search warrants and grand jury subpoenas make it quite clear that the federal prosecutors are intent on accusing public non-violent political organizers, many affiliated with Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), of providing “material support,” through their public advocacy, for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The Secretary of State has determined that both the PLFP and the FARC “threaten US national security, foreign policy or economic interests,” a finding not reviewable by the Courts, and listed both groups as foreign terrorist organizations (FTO).

Of course, the first targets of this draconian expansion of the material support law will not be a former president [Carter] or the establishment media [New York Times/Washington Post], but members of a Marxist organization and vocal opponents of the governments of Israel and Colombia and the U.S. policies supporting these repressive governments.

Now, two full years after these raids, no indictments have been meted out. Instead we get license for CAIR to aid and abet the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

The Obama Administration has made the Supreme Court a laughingstock. Except it ain’t funny. It’s deadly serious.

In September the Obama Administration admitted that the US had lost track of some of Syria’s chemical weapons. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told reporters that they are not sure if the opposition obtained the WMD or how much they may have obtained.



He can’t even say the words ‘chemical’, ‘biological’, ‘radiological’ or ‘nuclear’. Heck, he wouldn’t even say “WMD’s”.


This was exactly the reason the Supreme Court ruled any support for terrorists is aiding and abetting them.




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  1. the botnet Says:

    The lawless SCOAMF admin thumbs its nose at any level of gummint which impedes the coalesence of power. Remember the good old days when a federal court decision would impact executive branch action? How about all that drilling off the gulf coast? Good times.

    In the eyes of the Statist, Marbury v. Madison is living and breathing, the same as our Constitution. You cannot stop “progress”, and as Orwell predicted we are living in the boot to the face of forever.

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  2. Rebel Mope Says:

    Bot, I direct your attention to Nostradamus, Century V Quatrain 29 first stanza.

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