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Guest Poster: Posted by the lonely conservative student.

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Araceli Mercado Sanchez, a 22 year old wife of Pfc. Guillermo Garcia, was stopped by a police officer for an illegal turn. Our trusty media feels the need to tell you that she was shopping for her three year olds birthday party supplies (multiple times). This bit of information has no effect in this case whatsoever, but people feel bad for young mothers so of course they would put this in. During the traffic stop, the police find out she has been in the United States illegally since she was little. Not to mention she has no driver’s license or social security card. This now moves up the offenses to illegal turn, driving without a license, and being here illegally. (Just keeping track) Therefore her car was towed, she was taking into custody, and turned over to Border Patrol where she was detained in an immigration jail on pending charges.
Now in her defense, she was able to produce a military spouse card. Now thanks to President Obama and his “parole in place” act, spouses of military personnel do not have to leave the country to complete the process to becoming an American citizen. Garcia explained he joined the Army to ensure his wife’s application went smoothly. Exactly the reason we want people to be joining military service, right? The story gets even better when you find out they have been married for four years. If becoming a legal resident was so important, you think they would have started the process before March of 2012. Since she has only applied and in the process of this application, she technically doesn’t fall into the parole in place act. This fact right here tells me the border control did their job effectively. Sanchez did not have a license or any supporting documentation, how do they know the spousal card was legitimate?
The ICE agency says they are “committed to ensuring that its limited resources are focused on the removal of those who pose a threat to public safety such as criminal aliens and national security threats, as well as repeat immigration law violators, recent border entrants, and fugitives from immigration court.”
They are talking about their limited resources, what about ours? The health care, education, and jobs illegal immigrants take away from American citizens. With health care cost rising, unemployment over 8%, and overfilled schools, I’d say we also have a limited resource problem and no one helping us. Illegal immigrants do in fact, “pose a threat”.
Since she had no criminal background and confirmed her spousal card was legitimate, she was released. This seems like hypocrisy. Immigrants who are here illegally are criminals. They are breaking the law plain and simple.
According to The Dream Act, I believe she should have to serve her 4 years as well in the army to gain citizenship; not just find a spouse who is on active duty or willing to join so you can become a citizen.