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The New Improved Pravda

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012


OK, the 48 hour rule has expired. Let’s take a look at the photos of May Day in Chicago.

First, from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Next, The Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune has a photo of Ayers and Dhorn but nothing like the photos Marathon Pundit posted.

“Statement of Principles”  from The Chicago Tribune.
The Tribune places great emphasis on the integrity of government and of the private institutions and individuals who serve and lead society. It acts as a watchdog on government, protecting citizen interests in quarters where citizens themselves might not otherwise be represented. The newspaper does this in the belief that the people cannot consent to be governed unless they have knowledge of, and faith in, the leaders and operations of government. Always, the people are sovereign.”

“The editorial page has four essential roles: to serve as a check on the power of government, to set an agenda for the Chicago region and the nation, to make persuasive arguments for the enactment of that agenda, and to inform and guide its readers so they can make better decisions.“

Release the Khalidi tape.

So I can make a better decision.