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The Law gets Newt-ered.

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Once again a republican voices an opinion on illegal immigration and the liberal media is all atwitter. This time it is Newt Gingrich. Now, I like Newt and despite his  ‘Old guard’ status, up until this I would have considered him among my top 2 picks for the nomination.

“I propose that we take the World War II model of the selective service program,” Gingrich said. “In World War II, local community citizens judged who ought to be drafted and who shouldn’t . . . . It requires trusting citizens rather than bureaucrats. It’s a jury system for local communities.”

A jury system, indeed. The only problem is ‘local communities’ don’t need the jury, the illegals do. With the prevalence of Sanctuary Cities, who is going to believe the illegals won’t all congregate in places like Chicago to face their jury?

The problem, Newt-ster, is the lack of reciprocation. You see, the Mexican Constitution forbids property ownership by non-nationals of Mexico.

Article 27:

Foreign citizens cannot own land within 100 km of the borders or 50 km of the sea; however, foreigners can have a beneficial interest in such land through a trust (fideicomiso), where the legal ownership of the land is held by a Mexican financial institution.

The only precondition sine qua non to granting such a beneficial interest is that the foreigner agree that all matters relating to such land are the exclusive domain of Mexican courts and Mexican jurisdiction, and that in all issues pertaining to such land, the foreigner will conduct him or herself as a Mexican

You can buy the land, but the bank has to hold ownership in trust, and you have to conduct yourself as a Mexican. How many illegal aliens conduct themselves here similarly. Just tell them they have to speak English and wait for the caterwauling.

If Americans Citizens could openly own property in Mexico, there would be a run to the border immediately. Imagine what would happen to Mexico if American Citizens could vote down there, like Mexicans do here. The place would be like a paradise with a little investment and some law enforcement. Just imagine if Mexico had a couple Sanctuary Cities for us.

Newt has this all wrong. When Amnesty happened the last time it was supposed to be the last time it would be offered. I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now.

More importantly, what does this say about Newt’s view of Law? This is no better than cities offering sanctuary. It is breaking the very oath each one of these politicians take to uphold the laws. Which other laws can be bent, Newt? If I have a posse, or political cover, I can force laws to be overlooked?

How can I vote for a politician that would dilute my vote like this?

Incredibly, they say the mass deportations would be a humanitarian disaster. That overlooks the humanitarian disaster that befalls us now! Not one of these people that support amnesty will even consider the effects of this inundation.

Clearly,  reciprocation works in many areas. It will work on the Chinese currency devaluation, Japanese imports, U.N. financing, even fighting the enemy- no quarter should be expected where none is given.

Maybe I’ll just sit back and wait for our beloved Sarah Palin to endorse a candidate.

That ought to make lefties head’s explode.