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My First Troll!!!

Friday, November 25th, 2011

After months of wondering if anyone actually reads my posts, I finally received a comment that almost makes me think somebody out there reads this stuff. Almost. Unfortunately, in a post concerning CNN the race card came out. Nowhere in the post was even a mention of race, but nonetheless, a reader decided it had something to do with race.

The poor little troll didn’t bother to complain to CNN about their diversity issues, preferring to besmirch these electrons with its #OWS droppings:

There’s nothing more pathetic than a racist insulting the intelligence of people smarter than him. Coming from a party that voted for Bush…twice and thinks an inanimate object can do a better job than Obama shows how retarded you and your ilk are!

Yes, I have heard that a broken toilet seat would be a better president, but I had never posted that I agreed with that. And the part about voting for Bush twice?  Bush ‘stole’ those elections from Al Gore and John Kerry because they were black. That makes sense to me. Did you know John Kerry served in Viet Nam?
This is not the first time this troll has race-baited, tho. A cursory look at the web finds this dropping:

The first four commentors are really stupid.
1. Not that many blacks hate obama, you mistaken them for democrats who’ve abandoned Obama because they felt that he abandoned their cause (no dealing with republicans, extending bush tax cuts, full-blown right-wing policies) Obama’s favor among blacks are still the highest.

2. Slowly people are realizing that the real people who set back race relations were in fact people on the right, from race-attack retaliations to the tea party. this reminds me of this.

Racism and the Tea Party, from Fox News articles..
The first African-American president takes office, and almost immediately we see the birth of a big, passionate national movement — overwhelmingly white and lavishly funded — that tries its best to delegitimize that president, seeks to thwart his every initiative, and manages to bring the discredited and moribund opposition party roaring back to life. Coincidence?

I think not!

Mikeracist, deny it all you want, since that’s what the right is doing. most of the anti-obama rethrotic comes from racism. Obama didn’t damaged race relations. Just like the damaged state of our great nation, the right-wing bs, lies, smears, and distort the facts and blame THEIR screw-ups, THEIR follies, THEIR race-baiting on President Obama.

Posted by: SoulStraw3 | January 20, 2011 11:34 AM

And this nugget of brilliance:


It’s neo-nazi racists like Mark Levin, faustmanv and Larry Gibby shows how sick and demented the right has become! Mark Levin is a Neo-Nazi racist, and so are his followers! This asshole levin is a real class act…He spends his time criticising Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe and make-up.Yeah levin… bush,reagan or any other republican never travelled around the world or took vacations.Levinites its one thing to disagree with a presidents policies but don’t you see that this putz levin is criticising eveything this president has done.

I thought true conservative “patriots” are supposed to show MORE deference to the traditional American institutions. Guess they don’t mind hypocrisy and double standards. The usual fare among hyper-partisan right-wingers. People who claim that Obama is a Marxist, socialist etx. only prove that they do not know one bloody thing about socialism. He is a tool for American financial banks!

And finally, this:

SoulStraw3 said… Racists always believes in other racists! We get it, you want a white man as president again, stop reminding us! I don’t have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with the racist lemmings of the right leading up to it.

I never thought racism in this country would be elevated at this level, but my god. Where’s the KKK? I have absoultely NO disrespect to the author, but then again, I have NO respect of the author, either! For someone who claims to be a “former” progressive, I don’t think anyone who accuses and falsely pin the liberal mindset to what the conservative mindset ACTUALLY is: Uneducated, discourse, and ignorant!
Again, you claim to have the mindset to why most liberal won’t “accept the turth about Obama”! What exactly is this truth?

The truth that you hate the President no matter what he does?

The truth that no matter how patethic that person is to the public eye, (Sarah Palin, Donald Trump) you’ll support them because they hate Obama?

The truth that Racism is the driving force towards opposition towards this president?

The truth that your readers are more ignorant than the people they attack?

or the truth that conservatives are the REAL RACIST?

How should Obama think? like a white person? That’s what most people who claims he doesn’t think like an American believes. That since he doesn’t think like a white American, he isn’t one! Well, I’m not white and I’m more American than more of my family!

Only this time the little worm left his website. Well actually, the only thing on that site is this:

Ever since Barack Obama became President, The right-wing of America have become racist bigot scumbags. I’m hear to point that fact out.

A one trick pony if ever I saw one. Stop by again, Soulman3, when you have the intellectual capacity to discuss the issues. Just leave your racism behind.