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The Accuser

Monday, November 7th, 2011

So,  I was  looking for Sharon Bielek’s Face book page and, of course there were several created today, so I went to the way back machine to look for an old FB page and found this:

Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots .txt.

Robots txt is the code used for deleting files from the internet and the way-back machine. More on that here where Justia scrubbed from the internet legal files pertaining to the NBC issue. But it confirms that there was a page that was deleted.
In Chuck Goudie’s story there is this:

Bialek’s resume and a trail of public records indicates that changing jobs has been a regular occurrence for the Chicagoan. She has worked for at least nine different employers over the past 17 years and appears to have struggled financially.


In 1999, Bialek’s [kid] XXXXXX was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father, a media executive.

I found the Court file on the child support here:

Why would a guy sue the mother of his child for support? We can see she doesn’t have a clue about money as she flew half-way across the country when a phone call would do.

The Plaintiff, West R. Naze, has a FB page:

Makes one wonder how she met Mr. Naze who works for a marketing firm. She was in marketing.

He works here.

Did she work there as well?

The child shall remain a “genderless transmogrifcational transference of nihilistic post-normal hamonic transcendentalistic holistic karmafication.”

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