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Another Commie gets FARCed

Saturday, November 5th, 2011








The Colombian government dealt yet another death blow to F.A.R.C. rebels.

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Colombians rejoiced at the killing of top FARC rebel leader Alfonso Cano and hoped the biggest blow yet against Latin America’s longest insurgency could herald an end to nearly five decades of war.

Cano was the leader of the  Clandestine Colombian Communist Party, and according to Reuters, a former student activist.

Cano went from being a middle-class communist youth activist in Bogota to become the top FARC leader after taking part in peace talks in Venezuela and Mexico during the 1990s.

If history has taught us anything, there can be no peace without victory.

Cano’s death followed the killing last year of one of his main henchmen, Mono Jojoy, in a bombing and raid of his camp.

Strangely, Reuters mentions in the same article the effect this will have on Wall Street.

Foreign investment in Colombia has surged since the military crackdown began in 2002, especially in oil and mining. But the FARC and other armed groups have continued to pose a threat in rural areas where the state’s presence is weak and cocaine trafficking lets the rebels finance their operations.

Security gains have helped Colombia recoup investment-grade credit ratings from three Wall Street agencies this year.

Wall Street gains? Oh that’s gunna leave a mark on the cop car crapping commies at Occupy Whatever™.

Desertions and military operations have whittled down rebel ranks to about 7,000 fighters, but the FARC has survived for more than 40 years, and still has a cadre of experienced mid-level commanders. Rebels are relying increasingly on hit-and-run tactics and ambushes in rural areas.

Hit and run tactics are precisely why they are on the Terrorist List.

That’s right, 7,000 commies out of a population of 46 million.

Which brings us to our very own rebels here.

The last FARC raid garnered 14 computers and 60 memory sticks with actionable intelligence on them. It took U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald less than a week to raid the Communists here. That doesn’t bode well for the #Occupy Wall Streeters.

Next week should be interesting, kids. Expect an attack on Iran to divert your attention.