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A Chip off the Old Soviet Block

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I ran across a bio of Angela Davis.

(Credit to Verum Serum via Big Government)












She was Gus Hall‘s vice  presidential running mate for the Communist Party in 1980 and again in 1984.


Angela Yvonne Davis was born in the Birmingham, Alabama, on January 26, 1944. She is the daughter of, B. Frank (businessman and teacher) and Sally E. Davis (teacher). [The B. Stands for Benjamin, as we’ll later find out.]

Angela attended the Elizabeth Irwin High School in Greenwich Village, New York, and lived with a white family in Brooklyn.

What I thought interesting was she was born two years before Frank Marshall Davis remarried and four years before he went to Hawaii.


In 1948, Davis and his second wife, who had married in 1946, moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, at the suggestion of Davis’s friend Paul Robeson. During this time Hawaii was going through a non-violent revolution between colored labor workers and the white elite known as the Democratic Revolution.


Frank M. Davis would have been 39 at the time of her birth, living in Chicago, working as the managing editor of the Associated Negro Press a news service for black newspapers, which had begun in 1919.

The hostile environment, of the segregated south began to affect Angela, as she struggled in desperation to leave the city of Birmingham. She was a junior in high school, when she first began to plot several avenues at which to escape. Angela had wanted to be a pediatrician during this time, so she found two programs she could apply to. The first program offered at Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee was an early entrance program Her second option was an experimental program developed by the American Friends Service Committee.


OK, a junior in high school plotting an escape. How old would she be? 17ish? and if she was born in ’44…    44+17=61 the year would be 1961.


Angela attended the Elizabeth Irwin High School in Greenwich Village, New York, and lived with a white family in Brooklyn. At Elizabeth Irwin, she became fascinated by the studies of socialism.  She was exposed to several organizations fighting for freedom, of equality and liberation. With her growing interests in the cause for communism, she joined a youth organization, which members consisted of parents linked to the Communist Party U.S.A.  For Angela, the “Communist Manifesto” would become a daily study, of choice.

She’s 17 when she leaves home to go live in Brooklyn with some ‘fellow travelers’. White fellow travelers. But this is where her story gets off the rails.


When she graduated from Elizabeth Irwin, she then moved to Waltham, Massachusetts, where she attended Brandeis University to further continue her studies.


And in the same bio there is this:


Angela Davis traveled to Germany in 1960, where she spent two years studying at the Frankfurt School under the tutelage, of the acclaimed teacher Theodor Adorno. While studying in Germany, she had the opportunity to travel into Berlin to gain a closer look at socialism first hand. From the years, 1963 through 1964, Angela attended the University of Paris.

Wait a minute how could she spend two years in Germany? She was 16 in 1960- plotting her escape from Birmingham. And who is this Adorno fellow?

Adorno was chiefly influenced by Max Weber‘s critique of disenchantment, Georg Lukács‘s Hegelian interpretation of Marxism, as well as Walter Benjamin‘s philosophy of history. Adorno, along with the other major Frankfurt School theorists Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse, argued that advanced capitalism had managed to contain or liquidate the forces that would bring about its collapse and that the revolutionary moment, when it would have been possible to transform it into socialism, had passed. As he put it at the beginning of his Negative Dialectics (1966), philosophy is still necessary because the time to realise it was missed. Adorno argued that capitalism had become more entrenched through its attack on the objective basis of revolutionary consciousness and through liquidation of the individualism that had been the basis of critical consciousness.

Collapsing Capitalism? That sounds like Obama. Anyway, back to Angela Davis.


I don’t know how she could be in Germany in 1960 and also at Elizabeth Irwin High School in Greenwich Village. Kinda sounds like it’s all made up. We all seen girls with the belly-bumps in high school that had to leave town to go live with sickly relatives, but Germany? Maybe this American Friends Service Committee is part of the Frankfort School- I’m not going to look it up. Everywhere I turn a Marxist pops up. These people aren’t your run-of-the-mill Socialists. These guys hate socialists for being too ‘progressive’. These are radicals. They don’t want change slowly, they want Communism NOW.

Gus Hall as the general secretary of the CPUSA, detested socialists:

His pro-Soviet stance led him into conflict with various Trotskyist groups and individuals. When the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) was prosecuted under the Smith Act in Minnesota in 1949, Hall supported the government actions, although he later admitted this had been a mistake.

When Angela’s mother died in 2007 her obituary lists her causes:

…member and leader of the Angola Guild, the women’s fellowship committed to social and charitable causes. As a dynamic member and officer of the Southern Negro Youth Congress, a progressive anti-racist organization founded in the late 1930’s

Huh. Frank Marshall Davis in1936 was listed as a contributing editor to the Spokesman, the official organ of the Youth Section of the National Negro Congress, which the government had declared a Communist front organization.


From Sallye’s obit:

During this period, working around such issues as freedom for the Scottsboro 9, she developed lifelong friendships with well-known activists Dorothy and Louis Burnham and Esther and James Jackson.

James E. Jackson (1914-2007) and Esther Cooper Jackson (1917- ) are African-American communists and civil rights activists, best known for their role in founding and leading the Southern Negro Youth Congress (1937-1948). James Jackson was head of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA)


Sallye traveled to New York before meeting her husband-to-be back in Birmingham. Her attempt to recruit the late Benjamin Frank Davis, Sr. to join the war against fascism was so successful (he served in the U.S. Army during World War II), that the two began a courtship leading to a marriage that endured until his death in 1984.

I suspect this was the Spanish Civil War as there were few Negro troops in WWII, (There were 125,000 African Americans who were overseas in World War II.) tho it is possible.

When General Franco rebelled against the newly-established secular Spanish Republic, a number of African Americans volunteered to fight for Republican Spain. Many African Americans who were in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade had Communist ideals. Among these, there was Vaughn Love who went to fight for the Spanish loyalist cause because he considered Fascism to be the “enemy of all black aspirations.”

Anyway, back to Sallye:

Their union gave them four children: Angela Yvonne, Benjamin Frank Jr., Fania Elizabeth, and Reginald Wayne.

The Davis family first made their home in a newly built black housing project initially designed without the toilets and central heating provided for the separate white units. With the Southern Negro Youth Congress, Sallye rallied against these conditions, winning the toilets but not the heating. After the birth of their first three children, the family moved out of the projects and into an all white section of the Smithfield District. Their house, a white Victorian with green trim, complete with gables, a tower, and a wraparound porch, sat on a hill overlooking the surrounding lowlands.

Setting an example, she continued her studies in the summers at New York University, children in tow, where she completed her master’s degree in the mid-1950s.

Sallye pursued her activism during later years, working on behalf of many causes, including that of her daughter Angela, who had been arrested on political charges in 1970 in a case that drew the attention of the world. She also served as a consultant to the Grenadian Ministry of Education before the U.S. invasion.

These Marxists went from living in a housing project to living on Nob Dynamite Hill on the salary of a mechanic and a teacher- and still have enough money left over to send their kid to Germany or Brooklyn.


Yet, in the ’70’s when Angela was a fugitive she turned to the Marxists to hide.

Angela had managed to go underground in Greenwich Village in an effort to secure her safety, but she was later found and arrested and formerly charged in New York City.

I’m thinking Angela got herself pregnant and went to live with the white family to have the baby. Or went to this school in NY and living with the white folks she got pregnant at 16- had the baby- went to Hawaii so Uncle Frank could fix it, and Frank Marshall Davis gave the baby to his friends the Dunhams to take care of because Stanley Anne wanted a baby. Ben Frank would be Frank’s brother- or maybe Frank’s alias? Maybe Frank Marshall Davis is a nom de plume?

Stanley “Ann” Dunham, gave a telling admission while still in Washington State as a recent high school graduate in the summer of 1960 when she told her friends: “I don’t need to date or marry to have children”.

Tossing the moderate democrats under the bus during the Health care debate makes sense when you understand that there is no love lost between the radicals and the progressives.

Obama is Hawaiian

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Rick Perry stepped in it this time.

After dining last month with Donald Trump, Texas Gov. Rick Perry isn’t sure that President Obama‘s birth certificate is real.

The GOP presidential candidate was asked by Parade magazine whether he believed that Obama was born in the United States.

“I have no reason to think otherwise,” he said.

“But you’ve seen his,” the interviewer replied.

“I don’t know. Have I?” Perry said.

Well that ought to make some heads explode.


(From 2003)

Who is Hawaiian?

That question is at the heart of the debate over the admission of a non-Hawaiian student to the Kamehameha Schools, and it remains an issue surrounding most programs benefiting Hawaii’s native people.
It is an issue many people in Hawaii feel passionately about, and an issue that can turn divisive, as seen in the protests last week after a federal judge ordered the private school to admit a seventh-grader who was not considered Hawaiian.
Many believe that being Hawaiian has more to do with genealogy than race, that the issue is more about ancestry than civil rights.
The mother of the boy who was admitted was the hanai, or adopted, child of a Hawaiian man she listed as her father on her son’s Kamehameha application.
The school originally admitted the boy, but rescinded the acceptance when the mother could not prove she was of Hawaiian ancestry.
Kamehameha Schools accepts students who can verify some Hawaiian ancestry, said spokesman Kekoa Paulsen. No specific blood quantum is required, he said.
However, in the case of adoptions, the school looks at the biological ancestry of the applicant’s parents, he said.
Even if both parents are Hawaiian, their adopted non-Hawaiian child “would be considered along with all other non-Hawaiian applicants so that we would give preference to those applicants who were able to verify they do have Hawaiian ancestry,” said Constance Lau, chairwoman of the Kamehameha Schools board of trustees.
“It’s based on their biological parents and not on their adoptive parents,” she said.

“But we are trying to serve the 17,000 on the waiting list before recommending any change to the blood quantum,” he said.

“The bottom line is we are defined by genealogy,” she said. “We are born from the land, we have genealogical ties to the land.

But others say the Hawaiian practice of hanai, or informal adoption, should be given more consideration.

Punahou School, where Obama starred on the basketball team, is one of these schools.

From Wiki:

The schools’ controversial admissions policy prefers applicants with Native Hawaiian ancestry and has excluded all but two non-Hawaiians from attending since 1965. A lawsuit challenging the school’s admission policy resulted in a narrow victory for Kamehameha in the Ninth Circuit Court; however, Kamehameha ultimately settled, paying the plaintiff $7 million.[4]

In accordance with a century-old interpretation of the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the Kamehameha Schools prefers applicants of Native Hawaiian descent “to the extent permitted by law.” Orphans and indigents get special consideration.[18] Preference applicants must submit evidence verifying that at least one of their pre-1959 ancestors is Hawaiian.[19]
Admissions policy has been a subject of controversy. Because far more applicants claim Hawaiian ancestry than the schools can admit, virtually all students have some Hawaiian blood. Non-Hawaiians have attended, but this is extremely rare.
In 2002, Kamehameha admitted one non-Hawaiian student, Kalani Rosell, to its Maui campus, for the first time in 40 years. Rosell was admitted after all qualified Hawaiian applicants had been admitted. This decision sparked alumni protest.

I believe this is the answer. The school doesn’t allow pupils unless they have Hawaiian blood. He was Hanai-ed.

Obama Sr. was Kenyan; Stanley was from Kansas:

Dunham was born in St. Francis Hospital in Wichita, Kansas,[7] as the only child of Madelyn Lee Payne and Stanley Armour Dunham.[8] She is of predominantly English ancestry with some German, Irish, and Welsh ancestry.[9]

Neither had a drop of Hawaiian blood. How did he get into the school? Was Frank Marshall Davis Hawaiian?

This could explain much about the mysterious Obama. If Frank Marshall Davis or his ancestors were of Hawaiian decent, say from one of the many Davis’ on the Royal family tree, that would make Obama not only Hawaiian but Hawaiian Royalty. That could explain the constant bowing to every prince and potentate.

Hawaiian legends claimed that a great king would one day unite the islands, and that the sign of his birth would be a comet. The only thing missing for the Hawaiian people to proclaim him as such is the comet that would announce the birth of a new king.

No wonder Hawaiians of all political stripes protect this guy.





The Saga of Sugar Britches

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Last evening I ran into an old neighbor at the Eye-talian joint. He is a guy that is anal about his lawn. He mows it three or four times a week and hangs his tools in the proper place in the garage when he’s done trimming everything.  Seems someone took the gate off his fence and turned it around.  So when he came home one day and reached for the handle– he just stopped dead in his tracks and started staring at the handle. I was howling.

Sugar Britches, I found in my garden some twelve years ago.  She was shivering from fear.



I took her to a vet to have her scanned for a chip and to make sure she was healthy. Then I called every police department in a twenty mile radius to see if someone was looking for her. Not having any dog food, I went and bought her a beef sandwich. That became her diet for the next couple of months. After a couple weeks, my neighbors started bugging me to name her. I refused because I knew that if I named her, I be stuck with her. She was a real sweety and soon all the canines of the neighborhood took to her.



It wasn’t as though Sugar was going to run off. She had plenty of room to run.

Then, one day, I took Sugar out at 5:30am before work and she rolled in something that best can be described as coyote crap. It was foul.  Sugar’s days with me became numbered.

Then my neighbor’s kid went to school and his teacher asked him what happened to his homework. Not having a dog that could eat his homework, he told her “Sugar Britches ate it.” Oh. My. Gawd. You would have thought the kid swore at the teacher. She called the kids parents to tell them how inappropriate it is for a 10 year old to use such words. When the teacher didn’t get too far with my neighbor she called the DCFS. Then they called and wanted to come over to she what kind of household this poor child was living in. My neighbor hung up on them too. Sugarbritches had to go.

Soon thereafter Sugar found a new home with a couple ninety year old brothers that never left their house. They had their son deliver frozen dinners and they would eat the peas or whatever and Sugar would get the meat part of the dinner. Since I met sugar, I don’t think she ever tasted dog food. One time I stopped by to check on her but I couldn’t see her because she was in the basement being punished. They had locked her in the basement with a full TV dinner for about ten minutes.  That ought to teach her.

The brothers have since passed and Sugar is now with the son-taking control of his dogs and home.  Recently, I saw her and she ran right up to me. You can’t tell me dogs don’t remember who gives them beef sandwiches.

I always wondered what kind of dog she is. If you have any idea, leave it below.



Bath Day for the Great Unwashed has been CANCELLED!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Of all the idiotic things I  have ever heard this takes the cake. Like petulant children, Teh Great Unwashed™ protesters are fighting Bath Day.

Unlike children of bygone eras these cretins hired lawyers.


The cleanup of a plaza in lower Manhattan where protesters have been camped out for a month was postponed early Friday, sending cheers up from a crowd that had feared the effort was merely a pretext to evict them.

Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said the owners of the private park, Brookfield Office Properties, had put off the cleaning.

Oh. So it’s a Private park.  Send in the clowns! Oh wait, there already there.

Brookfield, a publicly traded real estate firm, had planned to power-wash the plaza section by section over 12 hours and allow the protesters back – but without much of the equipment they needed to sleep and camp there. The company called the conditions at the park unsanitary and unsafe.

Unsanitary and unsafe? No problem! Send in more clowns!

And attorneys from the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild – who are representing an Occupy Wall Street sanitation working group – wrote a letter to Brookfield saying the company’s request to get police to help implement its cleanup plan threatened “fundamental constitutional rights.”

Fundamental Constitutional Rights only apply where you are not infringing on someone else’s Rights, not that a lawyer should know that. Depriving the owner’s of the park of their use of the park seems tome to be an infringement. But hey, let’s not ruin a nice smelly protest.

The owners should just water the flowers.

With soap. From water cannons.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

By now, I’m sure you have seen all the protesters in various cities marching against… erm…. stuff.

This is gunna be like the A-rab Spring, only different. It’s The Autumn of America!

“While not endorsing the protests, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have expressed understanding of the movement that has spread rapidly across the country.”

As with any bowel movement, it won’t be over until the paperwork is done.

Speaking of which, this is a nice touch to get people to support your movement.

Yes, kiddies, when Sheryl Crow said:

I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting. Now, I don’t want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required.”

She didn’t mean you should use your sleeve! Think of all the patchouli you’ll need.

Last night, I heard on my radio a Public Service announcement. The speaker was Bill Ayers. The Bill Ayers. This Bill Ayers.

The PSA was for a group called WhyHunger.

There is even a page for World Water Day:

The official purpose of the World Water Day is to think about the significance of water and not view as inimitable the fact that a billion people in the world have no access to clean drinking water.

I dunno, Billy, but maybe if you spent some time teaching your Marxist Minions™  not to crap where they drink you could whittle that number down some.

Not to be outdone by the Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square, the Portland protesters reportedly gave a female the Lara Logan treatment.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police said they are investigating a possible sexual assault in Chapman Square where the Occupy Portland protesters are camping.

Autumn in America, indeed. Can’t you just smell the leaves burning? Or something.


A Little Cheese with that Whine?

Friday, October 7th, 2011

You know, I have a couple things that are upsetting me now. No, no, not the economy. Not the fact that in  I made in 2007 as much money as I made the last three years. Not the fact that my brother is going thru chemo and radiation treatments after brain surgery. Nope, it’s that on certain websites the ads play without me clicking them. Makes me want to “Elvis” this perfectly good used KOMODO™ monitor.

Then I get this E-mail from John Ziegler. He is the guy that produced the Media Malpractice movie.

Ms. Couric went on to win a an award, The Walter Cronkite Award, for her interview with Mrs. Palin. The Zeeg-ster moved on to obscurity.

Having purchased his movie, I was placed on a e-mail list and last night, around midnight, I received an invitation to view an e-mail he sent to Gov. Palin after she declined to run for President.

That’s when I got this brilliant idea. What I want to do is have a song play when I post some missive. A post should be only as long as a song, anyway.

So if you would be so kind as to play the song, I’ll fill you in on the “Editorial” Ziegler wrote.


Wow. So, is this really how your political saga is going end? By letting down your remaining supporters …

I was almost positive you would run because it appeared that your brand demanded it from a career maintenance perspective. I had even written a long letter blasting you for being either selfish or delusional in making a decision to run which could help President Obama get reelected.

One of the many reasons (other than the conversation I had earlier this year with Todd about working on your campaign) I was so sure you would give it a shot was that I figured you were way too smart to go this far with a blatant tease without a legitimate exit explanation.

My guess is that you won’t even end up speaking at the convention because you are too big for a minor slot and too dangerous for a prime one.


Now, if you realize all of this, then I praise you for making a selfless decision for the betterment of the cause. There was a time not long ago when I truly believed you when you said you were letting your principles guide you and, “If I die politically, I die.” You are now, clearly, about as politically dead as someone of your celebrity could possibly be.

The bottom line is that it seems to me that you have made the right moral decision for all the wrong reasons. Ironically, you think you are preserving your political career by not exposing yourself to a potentially embarrassing loss, but in reality you are ending it. This is the exact conclusion for which the seeds were sown during your resignation. As you recall, my warnings about such an inevitability began a rift between us that ultimately resulted in the end of over two years of colorful and consequential contact.

As someone who attended your spectacular convention speech and who put their fortune, career and reputation on the line in your defense, this is a very sad day for me.

While I don’t regret my efforts to set the record straight about what happened to you, I do wish I had never taken up your cause and made the mistake of thinking you wanted honest and truthful counsel.


Being slightly dyslexic, let me take some snippets in reverse order just to make this flow a little better.

I wish I had never taken up your cause. This is a very sad day for me. [I] put [my] fortune, career and reputation on the line in your defense. [It] began a rift between us. The bottom line is  that you have made the right decision for all the wrong reasons.  You are now  dead [to me].

I had even written a long letter blasting you for being either selfish or delusional in making a decision to run which could help President Obama get reelected.

I think he’s just mad that he had to re-write the stupid letter. It’s like in grade school when he gets mad that she dumped him before he could dump her, only different.

Oh well, John. Candidates are like trolley cars. Miss one and there will be another in about a half hour.




I’m a Genius. Updated!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

If you don’t believe me just leave a comment to the contrary. You better have some irrefutable proof, or I’ll 86 your ass so fast… See how that works? I make the statement; you have to refute it. Having been around leftists, this is one of their favorite arguments- “go look it up yourself”. President MMM, mmm, mmm, has taken this and added a new approach. Not only do you have to look up the facts, but he never said what he alleged to have said. His people did. Without his authority.

Take, for instance, April 27th press conference where Obama released his long form birth certificate. Or did he? What I mean is: pay close attention to his exact words.

“As many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today as to the site of my birth.”

“We’ve had every official in Hawaii, democrat and republican, every news outlet that has investigated this confirm that yes, in fact, I was born August 4th 1961 in Kapi’olani Hospital.

” We posted the certification that is given by the State of Hawaii…”

Everything else he said here is just flowery rhetoric.  But in each of these three statements he cites “we”. Why is that? Usually, when speechifying, “I” is the word of choice.

“Additional information?” Why not “here’s my long form”?

“Every official and every news outlet that investigated?” That’s no one.

“We posted…” Bill Ayer’s  Annenburg’s fact check posted it, you mean.


Now before y’all get all exercised about another “birther” post, this isn’t about that.*

The answer is deniability. He didn’t say he posted it- it was posted for him.

Let’s move on to TARP. When the TARP money was doled out, Bernanke refused to say where the loans to the banks were going. Bernanke, at the time, said releasing the information might cause a run on the receiving banks. It took a court order to release the information that loans were going to foreign banks. But it wasn’t Obama that withheld the information-it was Bernanke. And by the time anyone got around to digging it up, the money was already gone.

The same obfuscation happened with the Anwar al-Awlaki (Rhymes with Unlucky). As if the Justice Department needed a writ to kill the enemy, the administration allegedly asked senior lawyers to opine as to whether or not a missile strike on a traitor was permissible. 

“As a general matter, it would be entirely lawful for the United States to target high-level leaders of enemy forces, regardless of their nationality, who are plotting to kill Americans both under the authority provided by Congress in its use of military force in the armed conflict with al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and associated forces as well as established international law that recognizes our right of self-defense,” an administration official said in a statement Friday.

OK… so far so good. But waaaay down at the end of this article there is also this:

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment. The administration officials refused to disclose the exact legal analysis used to authorize targeting Aulaqi, or how they considered any Fifth Amendment right to due process.

See how that works? We asked the lawyers and they said it was OK, but you can’t see the paperwork because they are afraid they might get tossed in the trick bag like we were going to do to the Evil Bush lawyers that said waterboarding was legal.

Then there is “Fast and Furious”. Eric Holder says he didn’t know about it. He misunderstood the Congressman’s question. The dog ate his e-mails. Whatever, dude. Sharyl Attkisson was quoted:

In between the yelling that I received from Justice Department yesterday, the spokeswoman–who would not put anything in writing, I was asking for her explanation so there would be clarity and no confusion later over what had been said, she wouldn’t put anything in writing--so we talked on the phone and she said things such as the question Holder answered was different than the one he asked. But he phrased it, he said very explicitly, ‘I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.’

Transparency, my ass. If he told me the sky was blue, I’d ask for verification from NASA. OK, bad idea. They’re going belly-up as well.

Want transparency? Here’s some transparency for ya.

Just in case Obama loses re-election, there’s a movement afoot to quarantine his records.

In elections, Obama has never defeated anyone on the merits of his ideas. He has always destroyed the competition before they get to the polls. The press is the vehicle they use to ask candidates questions and then bury them with “gotchas”. Meanwhile, everything Obama says to the press is taken at face value. It’s not going to matter who the republican candidate is. They will be so maligned, so vilified- look what the press did to Perry and Palin- that people will start saying that person is unelectable. All it takes is those independents.

But just in case, they want to cut off any transparency into, you know, the records.


* I’m starting to believe the theory that either Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm X is his real father. He was probably hanai anyway and nobody wants to go there. Here’s a random post about hanai so you can get the flavor of what it means.

I’m sure in the simplest form we can say that hanai is basically a paperless, not legally binding adoption. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a tradition, it’s part of our history, and perhaps the greatest example of how highly the Hawaiian people regard their families and children.


Today’s weekly address contains this:


“If the Republicans in Congress think they have a better plan for creating jobs right now, they should prove it.”